Web tools and utilities.

DNS lookup
Lookup the list of DNS records of a domain.
Domain IP lookup
Get the IP address and location information of a domain.
IDN converter
Convert text to Punycode and Punycode to text.
IP lookup
Get the location information for an IP address.
Meta tags checker
Analyze the meta tags information of an URL.
Reverse IP lookup
Get the hostname corresponding to an IP address.
SSL checker
Check the SSL status and information of a domain.
Website status checker
Check the status and availability of a website.
WHOIS lookup
Lookup ownership information of a domain.
Color converter
Convert between HEX, RGB, and HLS color models.
CSS minifier
Minify and improve the performance of CSS code.
HTML minifier
Minify and improve the performance of HTML code.
HTTP headers checker
Analyze the HTTP headers information of an URL.
JS minifier
Minify and improve the performance of JS code.
JSON validator
Validate a JSON string and turn it into a readable format.
MD5 generator
Generate a hash value using the MD5 algorithm.
Password generator
Generate a random password based on custom parameters.
QR generator
Generate a customizable QR code for a text.
Redirect checker
Analyze the complete redirect path of an URL.
Uptime calculator
Calculate the amount of time that a service is available.
URL parser
Parse an URL into readable individual components.
User-Agent parser
Parse a User-Agent into readable individual components.
UTM builder
Add UTM campaign parameters to an URL.
UUID generator
Generate a version 4 universally unique identifier.
Base64 converter
Encode text to Base64, or decode Base64 to text.
Binary converter
Convert binary numbers to text and text to binary numbers.
Case converter
Transform text to lower, upper, sentence, or capitalized case.
Lorem ipsum generator
Generate placeholder text for paragraphs, sentences, and words.
Number generator
Generate a random number between a minimum and maximum value.
Text cleaner
Clean HTML tags, spaces, and line breaks from a text.
Text replacer
Find and replace all occurrences of a string in a text.
Text reverser
Inverse the direction of the characters in a text.
Text to slug converter
Convert text into a SEO friendly, readable URL slug.
URL converter
Encode or decode a text to be used in URLs.
Word counter
Count the number of words and letters in a text.
Word density counter
Count the number and density of each word in a text.